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Research Support

CSES pursues a diverse range of researches and projects to connect knowledge, values, and people,
and to establish a society that acknowledges social values. We are putting in efforts to disseminate
knowledge and ideas, realize new values, and cultivate those wishing to pursue the same goals.
  1. 1. Support for research projects by master’s degree and Ph.D. degree students

    1. 1. Goal: Cultivation of up and coming scholars pursuing researches in the areas of social values/social innovation
    2. 2. Subjects: Students pursuing master’s/Ph.D. degree courses, 4 in first half and 8 in the second half
    3. 3. Duration: Minimum of 6 months with flexibility depending on the time of publishing thesis
    4. 4. Obligatory requirements: Publish thesis in an academic journal registered with National Research Foundation of Korea within 1 year of commencement of support or in an international academic journal (SCI(E), A&HCI, SSCI) within 2 years, and participation in key academic events, forum and research conferences of CSES
    5. 5. Benefits: Provision of SPC experiment data / survey data, opportunities for participation in a diverse range of academic exchanges, support for outstanding theses, and support of overseas academic associations (European Group for Organizational Studies [EGOS], etc.)
    6. 6. Necessary documents: Application form and recommendation letter by the supervising professor
  1. 2. Process

    1. 1. 1st stage: Submit research plan (including research question, method, factor of differentiation/ originality)
    2. 2. 2nd stage: Presentation in a domestic (overseas) academic conference (support overall costs involved)
    3. 3. 3rd stage: Publish academic thesis in Korea (overseas) (within 1 year for domestic publication and within 2 years for overseas publication) - Acknowledge the support by CSES, provision of support for overall costs
  2. 3. Establishment of Network

    1. 1. CSES Round Table: Encounter of theory and practice (bimonthly meeting), research with a high level of reality appropriateness
    2. 2. Social Value Conference: Present the research results at competitions for theses of graduate school students. Incentives are provided to 2 outstanding researchers (disclosure of DB and composition of session by including general researchers)
    3. 3. ENSI: Presentation of research results (in cooperation with the Happiness Foundation)
    4. 4. East Asian Social Value Forum: Presentation of outstanding research results
    5. 5. Hold monthly research conferences: Exchange of research topics/ideas between students
  3. 4. Differentiation

    1. 1. Establishment of venue for regular meetings between researcher-practitioner (CSES Round Table, etc.): Pursue researches for which the voices of the actual field have been reflected
    2. 2. Case study on companies participating in SPC experiment and data-based empirical analysis research → Participation in academic conferences / research organized by CSES
    3. 3. Opportunity provided to accumulate practical experiences at companies participating in SPC for in-depth case study on social enterprises: Convergence of theory and practical works
    4. 4. Support for inducing actual changes in students: Step-wise support to induce motivation for learning