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CSES is striving to produce in-depth knowledge and ideas related to social values, social issues and social innovation,
and to disseminate them by utilizing networks of scholars and field specialists in all areas of social science in Korea and
overseas. For this purpose, CSES has planned and is executing a diverse range of research projects
  • Project for the future map of Korea

    We are seeking creative methods to generate new markets for social enterprises capable of growth from simple ‘provider of employment opportunities’ into leaders of the social innovation ecosystem. Towards this, we are comparing the activity domains of social enterprises, government, NGOs, and companies with focus on social issues, and promoting through cooperation among all social principals to increase the collective impacts on solving social issues.

  • Project of Korean Sociological Association

    We are striving to broadly define social values, social innovation, and social economy with sociologists playing the core roles, and systematically seeking methods to effectively cope with the continuous changes the future brings. Through these activities, we are planning to systematically accumulate discourses that can be utilized usefully among students and scholars pursuing researches on social innovation and social values.

  • Social Value Survey

    We will newly define social issues and values, and seek strategies for creation of values that will facilitate social progress by conducting questionnaire surveys on social enterprises, companies, NGOs, and the general public. We are establishing panel data by executing questionnaire surveys every two years in order to continuously track the changes in the cognition of social enterprises, companies, and NGOs, which are the driving forces for the social innovation ecosystem.

  • East Asian Social Value Forum

    We will hold the 'East Asia Social Values Forum', which will provide a macro approach to social values and social innovation and provide insight to social innovators. The 'East Asia Social Values Forum' will serve as a platform for close exchanges with scholars and experts from East Asian countries such as China and Japan, so that CSES will be developed as a future researcher of 'East Asia Social Value Base' .

  • CSES Round Table

    Scholars and field specialists often present substantially different viewpoints on social phenomenon. Accordingly, CSES is regularly holding venues for gathering views and carrying out in-depth discussions on particular topics by academic specialists and field specialists to provide research results with high levels of validity and possibility of realization. These interactions pave the way to finding the contact points between ‘theories’ and ‘practical works’.