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Measurement of Social Performances

1. Purpose of Social Performance Measurement

Just as economic value can be measured monetarily, if social value can also be measured in monetary terms and if the measurement methods and results can evolve to a level recognized in the market, more organizations will strive to create social value. CSES is conducting research to monetarily measure the social value created by a wide range of organizations, including social enterprises, for-profit companies, as well as public institutions and non-profit organizations, and disseminating methodologies for such measurement.

2. Definition of Social Performance

Social value refers to the value created by addressing societal issues that cannot be solved through individual efforts alone. It consists of the aggregate of each social performance that contributes to solving social problems. While it may vary depending on the era and regional characteristics, social value is generally judged based on its contribution to the public good and the development of the community rather than being privately attributed.

3. Principles of Social Performance Measurement

If we differentiate the entire process of a company's product/service production into input-operation-output-outcome-impact, we measure the part corresponding to the outcome. We consider both the benefits and costs to stakeholders simultaneously and measure them in monetary units. As there hasn't been complete social consensus on the monetary measurement of social performance, we adhere to conservative measurement principles.

4. Target of Social Performance Measurement

Every organization including social enterprises, for-profit companies, public institutions, non-profit organizations, etc., who aims to create social value.

5. Agenda

  • Research on amendment of Social Value Accounting Standards
    • Research on revising accounting standards to recognize and measure social value.
  • Joint Research on Social Value Measurement in China and Korea
    • Discussion and sharing of social value measurement methods considering the characteristics of both countries.
  • Research on Impact Measurement Methods
    • Discussion on systematizing and enhancing impact measurement methodologies based on investments.
  • Development of Social Value Measurement Indicators for For-profit Companies
    • Development of new indicators based on changes in the corporate environment and industry, collaboration with for-profit companies overseas.
  • Cooperation in Developing Evaluation Methodologies for Social Value in Public Institutions
    • Cooperation in developing methodologies for evaluating and measuring social value in public institutions such as public enterprises and government agencies.
  • Impact Measurement for Non-profit Organizations
    • Operation of a learning community discussing various measurement methodologies for corporate foundations and non-profit organizations.
Impact Foundation Learning Community




The Impact Foundation Learning Community (hereafter “IFLC”) is a new initiative by CSES launched in 2020 that provides a platform for nonprofit foundations to actively participate in measurement and sharing of their impact initiatives. This initiative aims to facilitate impact measurement and evaluation, as well as to provide a venue for participants of the IFLC to share learning experiences and celebrate annual achievements together.

Measuring impact is significant for nonprofit foundations as it not only improves their internal operations, but also enhances their credibility, effectiveness, and ability to make a positive difference in the inclusive global communities they serve.

The goal of measuring social impact for nonprofits is to assess the effectiveness and success of their programs and initiatives in facilitating positive and meaningful change in the lives of their beneficiaries and the broader community. By measuring social impact, nonprofits aim to understand the extent to which they have achieved their mission and objectives, and how they have contributed to addressing social issues and improving the well-being of their target populations. We aspire to sustain this initiative for many more years to come.

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